RedGirafeGames.Agamotto.Scripts.Runtime.Visualizers Namespace

Class Types

Class Summary
AbstractTimeVisualizer Base component to make TimeStone's visualizers.

Override callbacks OnSimulationStart(), OnTimeLineChange(TimeStone.TimeTickOrigin), etc. and use visualizationEnabled to code your visualizer

See PathVisualizer for an example

OnionSkinVisualizer Visualizer displaying the object's state before and/or after the current tick. Similar to the Onion Skin concept in animation. You can choose how many ticks to displat and the timeing between ticks. Beware : This visualizer instantiates a duplication of the GameObject for each tick visualized (for example if you display 2 ticks before and 3 ticks after, your object will be duplicated 5 times in the scene), this could harm performances if it's used on complex objects or with a lot ticks visualized. In that case, you should consider extending this visualizer and use an other system creating sprite or anything less expensive in performance instead of Game Object duplication.